We Design and Implement ICT Projects

Why Use Us

We enjoy designing, collaborating, identifying interesting problems and figuring out how we can help solve them. Above all, we like to keep it simple and do it well.


Designing and implementing ICT solutions is what we love doing, and we pour that energy and excitement into every project we undertake.

CIS was founded in 2009 by highly experienced individuals, drawn together by a mutual desire to produce solutions that help organisations transform their work efficiency.

Our Approach

We design solutions with you, collaboratively, to support and enhance the work that you do. Combining your knowledge of your organisation and its work, with our experience and design process, we produce solutions that have real impact.

Things we’re good at

We’re a focussed team of visionaries and implementers who specialise in crafting simple but effective solutions across all aspects of ICT.

With a strong network of talented collaborators from a range of disciplines, we can adapt according to specific requirements for a wide variety of projects.

Whether it’s a big, complex solution for a large organisation, or a simple project for a small start-up, we have the experience and network to do it well.

Our Experience Shows

Through our work on various ICT projects, we've developed a process for collaboratively exploring problems, and delivering effective solutions.


Together, we learn about your organisation and the project’s context, define goals, devise a high level strategy, and outline a scope of work.


We develop a low level design, test elements of the design, figure out how the things we’re testing will work as a larger system, stage and test the entire solution.


We finalise designs, test, deploy and migrate from the old to the new.